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Roger learned to fly in Memphis, Tennessee starting out in an Aeronca 7AC, a plane with a wooden prop which had to be hand started. After several years of flight instructing, piloting charters, and crop dusting, Roger joined the airlines where he spent 35 years. He served as captain on such aircraft as the DC 9, B727, B757, B767, A300 and the L1011


Kathy began taking flight lessons right here in Lincoln County Regional Airport in 1987 and became a Flight Instructor in 1990. She earned the elite Gold Seal Instructor designation and has logged over 4,000 instruction hours. In addition to instructing, Kathy pilots corporate aircraft on a part-time basis. She lives in Denver, NC.


Ron Henry - CFI
Ron learned to fly in high school at Martinsville, VA and went on to fly fighters for the USAF and DC-9s for Northwest Airlines.  Though currently retired, he flies part time instructing private pilot and commercial pilot applicants.  He has logged over 12,500 hours and has instructed twenty-two years for the Air Force in the Fairchild/Republic A-10A, the Cessna O-2A.  He is a graduate of the Air Force Fighter Weapons Instructor Course and the Tactical Air Command Aircrew Instructor Training Course.

Michael Ferris

Michael Ferris - CFI, CFII, MEI, Gold Seal, A&P
Michael learned to fly during college at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida. After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Aeronautical Science, he felt called to service in Missionary Aviation and has been pursuing that calling since then. He went on to receive his aircraft mechanic ratings in preparation for missions. He is very passionate about the Lord, flying, and giving quality flight instruction. Michael is also employed by Mountain Air Cargo as a Maintenance Controller. There he gains valuable Cessna Caravan experience for later use in the field while paying off student loans to finish qualification for missionary service.

Mikey Matthews

Mikey Matthews - CFI
Mikey is generally burning up the skies in his 8KCAB Bellanca Decathlon (a great aircraft for aerobatic training)! As the owner of Acro Dynamics, Mikey keeps busy. However, he is available at Premier Air by appointment. For aerobatic flights or tail-wheel endorsements, there is no place better than Acro Dynamics!


Ryan Akin - Owner, CFI


Derrick Balog - Owner, Private Pilot


David Carlson - Owner, Private Pilot