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Flight Training

A sampling of our Honor Board, a display of student photos. Visit our office to see the entire board.Private Pilot Training
Complete private pilot training is provided to earn your license. You begin your training with an introductory flight with one of our instructors. Most of our students are able to solo after 12 to 15 hours of instruction and complete their FAA check ride after 50 to 60 hours of flight. 

So what's it like to fly a small plane?  View our FAQ page above to see real videos of our own Roger Pipkin flying the Cessna 172.  

IFR Training
All of our flight instructors hold CFII certificates and all of our aircraft are IFR equipped. We offer Gleim Instrument Pilot Kits that contain all the training materials you will need to get started. To earn an Instrument Rating, a pilot must have logged a minimum of 50 hours pilot in command cross country of which 10 must be in an IFR equipped aircraft, logged 40 hours of actual or simulated IFR time, received a minimum of 15 hours of instrument flight training from a certified instructor and have passed an FAA administered knowledge test. While the total training will depend on your own piloting skills, most Premier Air IFR students earn their rating in approximately 40 hours. Premier Air will provide a free review to determine your needs and develop a specific training program for you.

Commercial Pilot and CFI Training
Premier Air offers Commercial Pilot and CFI training for those who want to take their aviation training to the highest levels. To earn a Commercial Pilot License, a pilot must have 250 hours of flight time with at least 100 hours as pilot in command. Training requirements include 20 hours of instruction including 10 hours of IFR, 10 hours of complex time (retractable gear or turbine powered), one 2 hour VFR cross country and one 2 hour night VFR cross country. We offer Gleim Commercial Pilot kits to provide all the training materials you will need.

Flight Reviews and Refresher Courses
Our instructors will administer Flight Reviews and Instrument Proficiency Checks to experienced pilots. We will also work with rusty pilots to sharpen their skills utilizing the ground flight simulator and flight instruction as required.

Ground Instruction
Premier Air instructors provide one-on-one ground instruction and will work with you to fit your schedule. We offer seminars on special topics such as air space or VFR weather flight planning. Whether you are preparing for your written FAA Exam, preparing for your flight review or just want to refresh your knowledge base, we will work with you to achieve your goal.

Frequent Asked Questions

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